Israel, the queen of the world, a small land with a great light, the same holy land that HASHEM gave to our father Avraham and promised him that it would be his and his descendants forever, for 2000 years of GALUT that our land endures wars and bloodshed on its land, and with eternity continues to live in the belief that this is our land and GEULA will soon to come.

 In this painting I drew the land of Israel drenched in blood, the price of Galut. The soldier is wearing his talit and tefillin, symbols of Emunah (faith). And  selected the verse where Hashem promised Avraham Avinu “the entire land that you see, to you I will give it”— “כי את כל הארץ אשר אתה רואה לך אתננה”

Despite all of the darkness, a great light shines upon us from above and reminds us that we are not alone.

Technic: Oil On Canvas
Original Size: 50×70 cm

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